When spring hits, the majestic colors of wildflowers come along with it. They bring a certain flare to the outdoors that you just don’t want to miss. Even in Arizona, you can find some of the best desert wildflower hikes there are. The flowers provide the opportunity to get out and snap some gorgeous photos of a landscape that doesn’t often boast the bright blues, yellows, and pinks. 

Be careful. They come and they go, fast. Wildflowers appear in a short window of time, and knowing where to go to find them is key. Whether you’re heading out to photograph the March wildflowers, or you just want a colorful background to your next mountain bike ride, here are some of the best places to view wildflowers in Arizona. 

Best places to view wildflowers in Arizona this Spring


San Tan Mountain Regional Park

Along the Dynamite and Goldmine Trails in the San Tan Mountains you get to experience a wide array of the floral wonders Arizona has to offer. Here your eyes are flooded with the bright purple of Scorpionweed and lupine, and the bright yellows of gold poppies and brittlebush. 

It’s the large changes in elevation and temperatures that give these mountains the ability to boast some of the best flowers around in Arizona. You’ll be sure to keep busy exploring all of the different species that can be found here. 

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Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area

The Spur Cross Trail takes you along an easier path to view the huge diversity of March wildflowers that the Ranch has to offer. If you want something with a bit more of a challenge, and all the beauty of the Arizona wildflowers, try out the Elephant Mountain Loop. 

This area even has their own wildflower expert to study the region. If that’s not enough proof, strap on your boots and go see it for yourself. 

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Catalina State Park

No matter where you go in this park, you’re bound to find more than just a simple bouquet. There’s a wild amount of diversity in this park, which makes it one of the best desert wildflower hikes in Tucson. 

More gold poppies, heliotrope, delicate cream cups, penstemon, owl’s clover, and more, litter the Sutherland Trail for your easy access. The trail is easy for the first few miles and makes a great escape for a short day and exploration. 

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Picacho Peak State Park

The browns and reds of the Sonoran Desert are beautiful on their own, but when you add in an immense amount of golden blooms, the desert comes to life. Picacho Peak State Park offers exactly that. It’s possibly the best spot on our list that will let you see the whole desert, including loads of cacti, bloom. 

Everything starts to bloom this time of year. With the large number of flowers to see, it’s a great choice to stay overnight in the campground and make this a multiple-day trip. Every day you’ll wake up to a new species blooming and more to see. 

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Lost Dutchman State Park

You may not find a load of pirates along this trail, but you will find their gold. The list of blooms that you can see here is endless. Chuparosas, poppies, fiddlenecks, globe mallow, ocotillo, chicory, and so many more species are easily found here. If you’re headed out to identify as many as possible, this may be your first spot to check. 

For the best wildflower viewing, follow Jacob’s Crosscut and Siphon Draw Trail. This gives you an easy walk and you get to focus on the flowers rather than not tripping over your own feet. If you want a longer trek with the same difficulty, the First Water Creek and Weaver Needle Trail takes you along for over five miles of swimming through the blooms.

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Did we miss any spectacular wildflower viewing places in Arizona? Let us know in the comments below and we will add it to our list! 


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