Watch your children fall in love with biking and exploring the desert! Join us here as we answer several common questions parents have about bringing their kids mountain biking with us. 


Can I bring my kids mountain biking with Sonoran Outdoor Adventures?

Yes! We encourage you to bring your kids mountain biking. A biking tour is not only a health-conscious activity the whole family can enjoy but an immersive bonding experience your family won’t forget! All of our tours are private, so your family’s needs can be met. Whether your child is a first-time rider or an experienced biker, they will fall in love with the raw beauty of the wild desert. 

How old do my kids need to be to go on a mountain biking tour?

The minimum age requirement is 11 years of age OR a minimum height of 4’4” to take your kids mountain biking with us. This guideline is to ensure that we have a bike that fits your child correctly and that they will be comfortable riding. Rest assured that our qualified staff will guide your family biking adventure as safe as possible, and teach your kids all the essential skills and information they need for a successful trip. 

Is it safe to bring my kids mountain biking?

Yes! Fat bikes are designed with larger wheels to enhance safety for beginners. The large tires give the rider more balance, absorb more shock, and allow the biker to go over almost any terrain.  

Our staff will outfit your child with a bike that fits their height and weight. To further ensure safety, our mountain biking tour price includes a helmet and a personal hydration backpack full of water.  

How long do tours last?

Tours last between three and four hours, including time for hydration, snacks, and exploring the desert. 

How many people are on a tour?

Up to fifteen people can sign up for a tour. All of our mountain biking tours are private to optimize quality time with your family. Private tours ensure that we can meet your family’s needs and provide an in-depth outdoor adventure for you and your kids.

What skill level do my kids need to ride?

Our bike tours traverse a variety of terrain from easy to hard. If your child is new to biking or learning: sign up for a beginner-intermediate ride. Beginner riders will meet at McDowell Sonoran Preserve (Brown’s Ranch Trailhead)

If you’ve taken your kids mountain biking in the past and they’re already seasoned pros looking for more of a challenge, sign up for an intermediate ride. Intermediate riders will meet at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Estrella Mountain Park, Phoenix Mountain Preserve, or Cave Creek Regional Park.

Take a look at our trip types and locations to see all your options! 

Why should I consider bringing my kids mountain biking?

In the age of technology, kids need a break from screens. Our mountain biking tours provide kids with a chance to connect with nature by experiencing, touching, and seeing the great outdoors. Our tours encourage kids to move their bodies and stay physically fit, instilling in them a lifelong passion for biking.  

Discover the Desert’s Beauty by Taking Your Kids Mountain Biking

We strive to inspire our guests to get outside and enjoy discovering the wonders of the desert from a bike. In our beginner-intermediate rides, you will bike through the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, where your family can see the picturesque saguaro cacti, desert agave and yucca, sagebrush, and hundreds of desert flowers. 


Trust us, a family biking tour is a perfect avenue to spend some quality time outdoors with your clan, and perhaps introduce your kids to a lifelong passion! 

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