Spring is a time to celebrate. Warm weather is on its way and the days start to get longer and longer. It’s the time to leave the indoors and step out into the great outdoors without having to bundle up first. If you’re looking for a destination this Spring where you can feel the sun on your skin and the warm air for the first time in months, look no further than Arizona. 

The entire state is rich with different things to do in the Spring. For the length of Spring, there are almost too many things to do in the Spring in Arizona. From baseball to wildflowers, there’s something for everyone to do. The trails are wide open for your enjoyment and it’s the best time to start trying out the new hobby you’ve had on your mind all winter long. 

Here’s a list of the best Spring activities in Arizona.

Top 4 Things to Do in Arizona this Spring

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

1. Spring Training

Baseball is a huge part of an Arizona Spring. The Cactus League made a home for itself in the Phoenix Metro area and games are happening almost every day in the month of March. It’s a great chance to come and see your favorite players in a bit of a different setting.

The Arizona BBQ Festival happens right around the same time as Spring training. There isn’t much better to pair with baseball than all-you-can-eat short ribs and live music. Plan for the best trip by timing it just right with the festival and a game. 

2. Visit Downtown Scottsdale

Downtown Scottsdale, or more commonly called Old Town Scottsdale is exactly that, an old, quaint, and charming town. Art galleries, restaurants, and popular bars line the pedestrian-friendly streets of Scottsdale. The entire city is made for a family to go out on the town and find fun for everybody. Even a quick stop in for a scoop at the Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlour is worth the trip in. 

Arizona Party Bike is another great way to see the town while enjoying a cold drink or two. These pedal pubs are the perfect get-together with a group of friends and lets you plan out the rest of your time in town. 

3. Go on a Wildflower Hike

Springtime is infamous for the wildflowers that pop up all around the state of Arizona. The red and brown landscape comes alive with color throughout the Spring. Going out to catch these dramatic views on camera, identifying new-to-you species, or just enjoying the colors, is one of the most popular Spring activities in Arizona. 

There are hikes in the state for everyone to see all of the magical flora. If you’ve ever been to Arizona in the summer, you’ll hardly recognize it with the drastic differences the Spring brings. 

Best Places to View Wildflowers in Arizona

4. Mountain Biking

Of course, mountain biking is going to be on the list for Arizona Spring activities. There’s no way it couldn’t. Arizona is a mecca for some of the best mountain biking and the Spring is the best time to get out. 

Days stay relatively cool, but you won’t freeze over either. We all spend our winters waiting for the sun to come out and let us play some more outside, and now is the time. 

Check out some of the best beginner mountain bike trails in Phoenix if you’re just now starting out. 

Grab a spot on one of our tours and you can get a full introduction to the world of mountain biking. You’re coming to the right place if you want to get started.