December in Arizona isn’t just about sitting around and waiting for Christmas to come. Arizona has a wealth of beauty to offer when the winter season hits, and there’s no better time to get outside and see it. From hiking through Sedona, biking in Phoenix, and watching the night sky around Flagstaff, the only hard part is choosing what to do. 

This December, come along on a breathtaking tour around Arizona and explore what this magical landscape has to offer when the cold starts to hit. 

3 Must-Do Things in Arizona this Winter

1. Hiking in Sedona

Sedona sits, waiting to be explored. In the land of Red Rocks and desert landscape, secret caves, ethereal views, and magical pools lie at the end of every trail you step foot on. 

Only an hour’s drive south of Flagstaff, Sedona is easily accessible to those hikers willing to brave the colder temperatures the desert has to offer. The surrounding area has countless options to explore for anyone that is just starting to hike or pursues it for a living. 

Some of the top hiking trails near Sedona worth checking out:

Jump out on the Cathedral Rock Trail to get the best sunset views in Sedona and then to Devil’s Bridge for an early sunrise atop a stunning natural bridge. The Birthing Cave and Soldiers Pass will take you deep into hidden caves that are a real must for a Sedona Arizona December. 

Once you’ve put every trail in Sedona on to your completed list, there is plenty more in Phoenix to explore. Jump onto one of our hiking tours in Phoenix to expand your December in Arizona.

2. Stargazing

Across the world, people have begun to see the value in keeping the sky clear from the light pollution of surrounding cities. While this was naturally an easier thing to find in Arizona, the International Dark Sky Places Program’s establishment helps keep those spaces dark for all to enjoy. 

Over fifteen places in Arizona have been established as Dark Sky Places. The only way to make this better is to see it in the crisp and clear December air. To help out, check out the Dark Sky locations map to start checking them off the list. 

Top Dark Sky Locations near Flagstaff and Sedona:

Sedona and Flagstaff have both been named Dark Sky cities, making them two of the best places to see the night sky without having to venture too far from home. 

3. Biking in Phoenix

A Phoenix, Arizona December is never complete without hitting the trails on a mountain bike. December in Arizona is the perfect time to get time in on a fat bike across the desert sand and snow. 

As the only company in Arizona that offers fat bike tours, Sonoran Outdoor Adventures sets you up with the best way to experience mountain biking for the first or hundredth time. Phoenix is one of the best places to come and get started on mountain biking. 

Phoenix has everything to offer for mountain bikers on your own or with one of our tours. Arizona has over 3,000 trails to choose from, but as a beginner, there are a few trails that will best help you get comfortable on the saddle. 

Top Trails for Beginners in Phoenix:

December Arizona weather near Phoenix ranges from anywhere in the mid-40s to the mid-70s. This ensures that there are a day and trail for everyone, even in the midst of winter. Join us along on a nighttime fat bike tour that takes you through a unique experience under the starlit skies of Arizona. 

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Bonus: Find a Ghost Town!

Life in the West left a lot behind, and it’s still there for you to explore. Finding a ghost town is a classic experience for anyone visiting Arizona. Visiting in December may make the ghost towns even emptier for you to explore on your own. 

Some of the top Secret Ghost Towns in Arizona: