Mountain biking is a thrilling and enjoyable sport, no matter your age or experience level. Right now, mountain biking in Phoenix, AZ, means perfect weather and a plethora of beginner mountain biking trails to try out. 

Before you hit the trail, though, there are a few things you should know!

Take a look at our beginner’s guide to mountain biking for some must-know information, and book a tour with one of our experienced biking guides. They’ll help you get the lay of the land, feel comfortable on your bike, and make sure you have a safe, fun riding experience. 

Top 3 Beginner Friendly Mountain Bike Areas Near Phoenix, AZ

We couldn’t fit all of the beginner mountain bike trails in the Phoenix area onto one list, so when you’re looking for beginner-friendly rides, look for a green-rated trail. Mountain bike trails are rated similarly to ski routes. So, some blue trails may be doable for more talented riders, but green is the safest bet when just starting. 

1. Brown’s Ranch

brown's ranch arizona

Brown’s Ranch area is ideal for beginners with hard-packed trails designed for bikers by bikers. This allows for an interesting and fun experience, no matter your skill level. Not all trails in the Brown’s Ranch area will be beginner-friendly, but many are. 

If you’re looking at a trail map of Brown’s Ranch, you’ll notice quite a few green trails. To make a beginner’s loop, though, you’ll need to link those trails together. This allows for a wide range of variety in the type of riding and distance you want to go that day. 

Here is one example of a beginner’s trail loop on TrailForks. However, this is not the only option. Get creative with your routes in Brown’s Ranch, and you’ll have plenty of beginner trail loops to keep you busy as you hone in some technical biking skills. 

2. Mcdowell Mountain Park

McDowell Mountain Regional Park

Perhaps the “most” beginner-friendly mountain biking area in the Phoenix metro area, Mcdowell Mountain Park, has over 50 miles of trail. Luckily, most of those 50 miles are quite novice-friendly. Since beginner is a relative term based on inherent skill and overall fitness level, some trail sections may be manageable for some beginner riders. In contrast, other riders may have to walk some specific rocky or steep uphill sections. 

The Mcdowell Mountain Park features hard-packed trails, with stunning features, and a scenic desert experience. 

Like with the Brown’s Ranch beginner routes, you link trails together is the best option to form loops. Check out the TrailForks website to find a loop that you love. 

3. Usery Mountain Regional Park

Usery Mountain Regional Prak

The Usery Mountain Regional Park is likely the flattest of the trail options on our list. It is exceptional for kids learning to mountain bike or for the few first rides to get used to your bike. If it is your very first time riding, we highly recommend visiting the Usery Mountain area. It will help you build confidence and has minimal technical turns or features. 

There are a few intermediate trails in this park, but you will have plenty of trail options as a beginner. Since the Usery Mountain area is so beginner-oriented, it doesn’t tend to get as crowded as some of the more diverse trails and parks mentioned above. 

Although most trails here are ideal for beginners, one word of advice for complete novice riders is to avoid riding down any trails with the word “wash” in their titles. These tend to include more rocks and loose dirt, making it hard to maneuver your bike.

Check out the trails in the Usery Mountain Regional Park on TrailForks before you go.

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