You may have heard of mountain biking, but what about fat tire biking? Fat tire bikes are commonly used to cross rugged terrain, like snow or sand. But they also can be ridden on the same trails that a mountain bike can. 

When it comes to both mountain bikes and fat bikes, their tire size is where most of the differences lie. So which one is better for the Sonoran Desert trails or any trail for that matter? 

What’s the difference between a fat bike and a mountain bike?

Fat bike popularity has slowly been on the rise. Partly because their wide tires allow for better load distribution. Similarly to snowshoes, a fat bike’s tires won’t sink down as drastically as a mountain bike. This gives the rider more stability, providing a smoother ride and better traction. 

Most fat bike tires will also have lower pressure. This low pressure gives the bike more traction on rough terrain, making things like climbing a sandy or gravel hill easier. This higher level of traction and stability also makes the bike great at making turns. 

Fat bikes are arguably the best bike for trails when it comes to beginners. With the added traction, smoother ride, and extra stability, even the most novice riders will feel at ease on the trail. They will also travel slower than a standard mountain bike, making many beginner riders more comfortable. 

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, will be much faster on the trail. They won’t have quite as much stability, but the maneuverability is excellent. While fat bikes have the advantage of snow, sand, and mud, mountain bikes will provide a fast-paced ride with more effortless pedaling. 

Mountain biking in any capacity takes a lot of work, especially going up and down hills in a place like the Sonoran Desert, but in comparison, a fat bike does take more muscle power than a mountain bike. Although they have more tire traction, you will have to work a bit harder to get to point A to point B. 

The good news is that you may not have to choose if you are looking to decide between a fat bike or a mountain bike. Some fat bikes have a versatile frame that allows the rider to switch out tire sizes. That way, you get the best of both of the all-terrain bike options that you can ride year-round. 

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Now that is is starting to cool off this year, hitting the trail on a bike is a fun and healthy way to experience the desert. Sonoran Outdoor Adventures offers fat bike tours for all ages and group sizes. If you’re a beginner and are looking for a way to add some outdoor fitness to your life, or you just want to see if mountain biking is for you, then consider booking a fat bike tour with us. 

Our expert guides provide all the gear and know-how for a safe outdoor adventure! The stability and traction of our fat bikes are perfect for beginners and kids. Get ready for a desert workout, with breathtaking views and plenty of fun.

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